Arrests and Apprehensions

The apprehension of the first five teens that were brought in weren’t the five who ended up being called “The Central Park 5.” Only two of the initial teen boys ended up being charged with rape: Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson. So, the question becomes, how were the other three boys ever charged? The answer is simple. All of these kids snitched on one another. They even went as far as giving out the addresses of their friends who were with them that night. Ultimately the police brought in 37 teens. This was all due to the fact that they all told on one another.

Why Antron McCray Turned Himself In Before Police Were Looking for Him?

Sometime during the night on April 19th, 1989 Antron McCray turned himself into police with his mother by his side. He wasn’t coerced to do this. He simply volunteered to go into the station. At the time police didn’t know what they later found out so they let him go home. However, once the others [...]

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