The Central Park 5 Documentaries & The Netflix Series

Most people with any amount of knowledge of the Central Park 5 case have gotten their information from one of two places, the Sarah and Ken Burns documentary, ‘The Central Park 5’ or the Ava Duvernay Netflix series, ‘When They See Us.’
Both of these films are problematic, as they both have a limited point of view that they bring to the screen. With the Burns film, you will realize that no one from the police force or from the prosecution was interviewed for the film. Not one opposing view in the entire film. If that seems a bit suspect there’s more. Sarah Burns, herself worked for the law firm that represented The Central Park 5 in their civil suit against New York City. You know… The law firm that helped them to win a $42 million dollar settlement. Think she had an incentive to get them seen in a positive light? Ken Burns certainty seemed to think that it was up to him to help them to get paid as he stated as much in an interview with Variety magazine soon after the film was released. Go figure.

And there is the most well-known of the films. The Netflix Series “When They See Us.’ This piece, while not nearly a documentary seems to be the one that most people have seen and taken their notes from. It is full of things that either did not happen or are twisted around so much so that the world’s greatest contortionist would be amazed. But what would you expect from a director who is quite happy to admit that her series was “biased” and “slanted” and also pleased to announce that her goal was to try change how people saw the five and any other black men in the future. No wonder she cast boys who had the sweet and innocent look instead of characters more fitting.

The Race and Age Narrative Impact on Perspectives

If you're intellectually honest, you have to include age & race. Ava DuVernay even signed on to do the Netflix series because of the race of The Central Park 5. DuVernay could not pass up the race and age narrative opportunities. Al Sharpton, who was often seen during the trials and had a hand in [...]

The Eye-Opening Fact That Netflix’s When They See Us is Biased & Slanted

Netflix's 'When They See Us' is "Biased" and "Slanted!" Netflix's 'When They See Us' has been a topic of heated discussion since its release in June 2019. Ava DuVernay, the creator of the series, openly admits that the show is "biased" and "slanted." Despite this admission, the series has faced little backlash. This raises [...]

A False Depiction of Police Brutality in Ava Duvernay’s Netflix Series When They See Us

Kevin Richardson was said to have been hit in the face with a motorcycle helmet in the Netflix series When They See Us. There are multiple problems with that allegation. The first one being that the arresting officer didn’t drive a motorcycle. The second being that in the real photographs from that night on April [...]

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