The Central Park 5

The Central Park 5 are in a category unto themselves. Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, and Antron McCray are the five boys who have been rebranded by Oprah Winfrey as the Exonerated 5 even though none of their cases were ever lawfully exonerated and instead were merely vacated.

The Race and Age Narrative Impact on Perspectives

If you're intellectually honest, you have to include age & race. Ava DuVernay even signed on to do the Netflix series because of the race of The Central Park 5. DuVernay could not pass up the race and age narrative opportunities. Al Sharpton, who was often seen during the trials and had a hand in [...]

Miranda, Fed, & Parents Present During Interrogation

The Central Park 5 are said to have not had parents present during interrogation. Rumor has it that the police did not feed them. People have said that the police did not read them their rights. Was it the truth? The Netflix series, 'When They See Us', would have you believe that the police [...]

Was Korey Wise Even In Central Park?

Was Korey Wise in Central Park? Korey Wise is easily the most discussed member of the Central Park 5. There is a mythological set of stories that surrounds him. Two of them are discussed in this video. The first myth being that his nickname was not 'Polo' and the second myth is that Wise [...]

Do I Have Something Against The Central Park 5?

It's not that we have something against The Central Park 5 but perhaps some people assume that we do. We keep at this because it is probably the case with the most considerable cultural impact, in terms of race relations, of our time. Or, at least, in a very long time.On a person to person [...]

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Origins of the Word Wildin

This is the word that caused me to switch sides and determine that the Central Park 5 were liars. On stage during a New York Times panel interview, Kevin Richardson lied and said that this is not a word that they used back in 1989. I knew that was false and I wondered why he [...]

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