The crucial evidence in the Central Park 5 case is mostly missed in the four-part Netflix series, ‘When They See Us.’ Absent are the multiple bloodstains and semen found on three members of the group of teens. There is also no real discussion of the hairs that authorities found on two of the young men. Along with the physical evidence, you have the victims’ stories and the stories of the other 32 boys who the police brought in for questioning. Moreover, there are friends of the five who would later give statements about conversations that they had with Korey Wise before police brought him in for questioning. There were statements that Kevin Richardson made in the park to boys they met up with later.

Moreover, there is a lot of evidence in the Central Park 5 case against the story that Matias Reyes told the police. Several signed statements from his fellow inmates suggest that he and Wise were working together to get this story told a certain way. The fact that Reyes didn’t seem to know the most basic of details about the initial attack seems to go right with the story that many jailhouse snitches told the district attorney, Nancy Ryan. Those snitches stated that Reyes came to the attack after it had already started, and he got involved at the tail end of it.

The evidence on this site will help clarify what the Netflix series missed and do so in a straightforward manner that is hard to dismiss as false.

Did Wise and Reyes Conspire Together?

Korey Wise's Three Chance Meetings with Matias Reyes One of the more significant points that causes some skepticism about the Central Park 5 case is the multiple times that Korey Wise had chance meetings with Matias Reyes. Think about it, according to the current wisdom, Reyes was a guy that Korey should not have known [...]

Informant Claims That Reyes is a Homosexual and a Liar

Multiple informants from inside the Auburn correctional facility have mentioned that Matias Reyes and Korey Wise came up with plans on how to lie to the public and police about him being the only attacker who was there during the rape of Patricia Meili. This letter to Nancy Ryan is one of their several statements [...]

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When Was The DNA Collected?

The way people think about the collection of DNA evidence is guided by present-day, fast-paced television shows where the DNA can make or break a case. In those shows, crime scene experts rush to crime scenes and study the art of blood splash patterns and have an amazing knowledge of how to find the most [...]

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Rape Victim Of The Attacks Found Rolling In Two Inches Of Water

DNA evidence is often at the top of the discussion whenever I debate the Central Park five case. People think that Reyes' DNA evidence proves them innocent. However, listening to their testimony you understand that none of them penetrated her and that any of the DNA evidence from the 5 that they would have found [...]

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Origins of the Word Wildin

This is the word that caused me to switch sides and determine that the Central Park 5 were liars. On stage during a New York Times panel interview, Kevin Richardson lied and said that this is not a word that they used back in 1989. I knew that was false and I wondered why he [...]

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