Matias Reyes

Matias Reyes is certainly an interesting and evil character. The idea that this guy’s story is to be taken seriously is odd, to say the least. Most people believe it because they want to. But have you actually listened to what the man has said in his interviews about the rape of Patricia Meili? He claims that he followed her during her jog and zig-zagged back and forth to hide from her across the span of a two-lane road that she was running on. Footage of the reenactment of this shows how nearly impossible it would have been for him to be able to conceal himself and keep up with her. She was a daily jogger and marathon runner, after all.

Then, there were numerous details that he seems to not recall. Her style of hair is one that really sticks out to me. He claims to have been running behind her for so long. How could he not know her hair color and length? Now he wouldn’t know if he didn’t see her until after she was laying in the dirt and on her back. But he claims he attacked her alone. There are multiple other issues with this story, as well.

Did Wise and Reyes Conspire Together?

Korey Wise's Three Chance Meetings with Matias Reyes One of the more significant points that causes some skepticism about the Central Park 5 case is the multiple times that Korey Wise had chance meetings with Matias Reyes. Think about it, according to the current wisdom, Reyes was a guy that Korey should not have known [...]

Informant Claims That Reyes is a Homosexual and a Liar

Multiple informants from inside the Auburn correctional facility have mentioned that Matias Reyes and Korey Wise came up with plans on how to lie to the public and police about him being the only attacker who was there during the rape of Patricia Meili. This letter to Nancy Ryan is one of their several statements [...]

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