Korey Wise’s Three Chance Meetings with Matias Reyes

One of the more significant points that causes some skepticism about the Central Park 5 case is the multiple times that Korey Wise had chance meetings with Matias Reyes.

Think about it, according to the current wisdom, Reyes was a guy that Korey should not have known or had the interest to know. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that these two guys just happened to be in Central Park at the same time… just happened to be in the same TV room on Riker’s Island… just happened to be on the same yard at Auburn correctional facility. Three HUGE coincidences.

The Korey Wise and Matias Reyes story ends up sounding a lot like a story of a three-time lottery winner would. Highly improbable. But it goes farther than that. We know that the Wise-Reyes story is false because we have evidence that multiple things did not occur the way that the Netflix series claimed that they did. 

The first thing is them being in the park at the same time. Well, there are several letters and statements made by prisoners who knew Reyes. These prisoners spoke about stories that Reyes had told them about that night. They explain that Patricia Meili drew Matias Reyes in with her cries for help. He then joined in on the attack seeing a large group of teens there having their way with her. There is also some evidence that he may have known one the teens, Steven Lopez, which would explain how he was able to join in.

The second thing is the TV room brawl that Wise and Reyes had. This story doesn’t sound feasible. On the ‘When They See Us’ series, the two happen to be left alone in a TV room. I seriously doubt that happened. But, even if that was the case, why would they end up fighting over a TV show?

It’s much more likely that the teens left Reyes with Patricia Meili and that she was in decent shape, but unconscious. Wise knew that Reyes was left there as we know from the Officer Jonza notes that have Wise stating that he saw a guy named “Rudy” take her walkman and fanny pack. “Rudy,” we find out later, was an alias that Reyes had used at one of his jobs. We also find out afterward that he told the police that he knew something that only he would know. That thing was the walkman in a fanny pack. How did they both know about it?

The walkman in the fanny pack by a guy named Rudy evidence helps explain why these two may have had that brawl. Because Wise knew Rudy had returned to the crime scene and done more damage. Wise knew he was in jail for a crime that wouldn’t have been so severe if Reyes hadn’t have beaten her worse than how they originally left her. And, the evidence of that is when the police showed Wise photos of the crime scene, and he says, “I didn’t realize there was that much blood.” 

Lastly, you have Auburn correctional facility. Auburn has stated that their records show that Korey Wise and Matias Reyes were never in the yard together. So they could not have met that last time. And, how would they have even recognized each other so many years later after only having seen each other once? I can’t remember the faces of the random people I have had fights with on a chance meeting. Then, after seeing them many years later, after they had gotten older? No way they remember one another. 

So now we have to ask, did they conspire together? Well, the document that I found that you see above this article surely suggests that it was probable. I wonder why this tidbit wasn’t in Ava Duvernay’s Netflix series?