It’s not that we have something against The Central Park 5 but perhaps some people assume that we do. We keep at this because it is probably the case with the most considerable cultural impact, in terms of race relations, of our time. Or, at least, in a very long time.

On a person to person level, race relations have been favorable in America. Polls show that in the past few years, blacks think race relations have gotten significantly worse, however.

Most folks that I know work in environments with people who aren’t of the same race and everyone is okay. Tons of interracial relationships and marriages are doing fine as well. For the most part, we know and see, with our own eyes, good race relations.

However, there is this narrative that brings with it many kneejerk reactions to any criminal event that happens to be an interracial one. That reaction is far too often to cry racism without any other evidence other than the interracial component. If the victim is black and the perpetrator is white, then it must be racism. No other facts need to be examined. No arguments can be made for anything different. Rationality goes out the window. Instead, people get emotional, and anger soon ensues if anyone breaks from that way of limited thinking.

It’s almost as if the narrative of a racist America is necessary for people’s lives on a psychological level. Why else would people get angry when someone disproves something as being racist? For black people, it seems like we should be happy if we find that something is found not to be racist. Instead, we have people getting furious and annoyed that you even suggested that something wasn’t racism.

I mean the mere hinting that something isn’t racism could get you verbally abused and even physically attacked in some places. But even worse, this way of thinking doesn’t allow for logical inquisitiveness. It keeps black people stagnant. Rather than advocating for the belief of having the freedom to become whatever you want to become in this life, it has people believing that their options are limited. And unfortunately, that’s just not true in most cases in America.

So it isn’t about the Central Park 5 and getting them in trouble or ruining their now very cushy lives. It is about convincing other black people in America who see this as proof of something evil when it isn’t. It’s the same reason a Tawana Brawley, a Crystal Mangum, or a Jussie Smollett should be shown to be the liars that they are because it hurts race relations in America to put money in the pockets of politicians and race hustlers like Al Sharpton or Ava DuVernay. That and it only aides in preventing black children from seizing the vast amounts of opportunities that are waiting out there for them to be taken advantage of. Poisoning their minds with the idea that America is out to get them will not help them to succeed. It only poisons the well.

To check out the detailed video report that was done on the Central Park 5, be sure to click the link here.