Rape Victim Of The Attacks Found Rolling In Two Inches Of Water

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DNA evidence is often at the top of the discussion whenever I debate the Central Park five case. People think that Reyes' DNA evidence proves them innocent. However, listening to their testimony you understand that none of them penetrated her and that any of the DNA evidence from the 5 that they would have found [...]

Why Antron McCray Turned Himself In Before Police Were Looking for Him?

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Sometime during the night on April 19th, 1989 Antron McCray turned himself into police with his mother by his side. He wasn’t coerced to do this. He simply volunteered to go into the station. At the time police didn’t know what they later found out so they let him go home. However, once the others [...]

Origins of the Word Wildin

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This is the word that caused me to switch sides and determine that the Central Park 5 were liars. On stage during a New York Times panel interview, Kevin Richardson lied and said that this is not a word that they used back in 1989. I knew that was false and I wondered why he [...]

A False Depiction of Police Brutality in Ava Duvernay’s Netflix Series When They See Us

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Kevin Richardson was said to have been hit in the face with a motorcycle helmet in the Netflix series When They See Us. There are multiple problems with that allegation. The first one being that the arresting officer didn’t drive a motorcycle. The second being that in the real photographs from that night on April [...]

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